Date Night

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I've found the perfect pairing with Mr. Right because we are both romantics at heart. Yesterday he decided to surprise me with an early date night. We normally reserve this occasion for Fridays or Saturdays but he was in the mood to be romantic. Not that I have anything to complain about :) First stop, book buying at B&N and then onward so I could get a mani/pedi before we went off to dinner at this Italian restaurant I love so much.

On the ride home, I realized that our relationship is strengthened by these moments. That even with everything going on around us we can still take time to make an event fun and special. Okay, so we spend most of our week working or catching up with our personal goals but at the end of the day--you need to apply the same effort to making a relationship work. It's true that you learn a lot from experience and past relationships have shown me that the things you want to hold onto is the things worth working at and fighting for. I'm the luckiest woman in the world because Mr. Right is one of the few who values me, appreciates me, and does things for me without me asking taking out the trash, doing the dishes, doing laundry, and sometimes whisking me away when he knows I need to be pampered--which so happens that he plans to take me on a spontaneous road trip this weekend into Texas Hill Country during the annual wine trail event...

As for what I did to make him happy...a hot, home cooked dinner...Monday night I made lasagna. (Yes, that's the actual first slice I cut out) Okay, it's not nearly that difficult to be the culinary experimentalist in the kitchen, but I try to reciprocate those thoughtful things he does for me without him asking...

Why is this post so sappy? It's a reminder that you can turn a stressful environment into a stable and loving one if you put out the effort...because truly....'all you need is love' to get you through hard times.

4 Responses to "Date Night"

Kristen Painter Says :
11:41 AM

Sounds like a great night! That lasagna looks YUMMY!

Jax Cassidy Says :
12:42 PM

Oh, we have enough to last us for a week! If you were around, I'll bring you a good portion! LOL

Maria Geraci Says :
4:28 PM

Mr. Right sounds like a keeper!

Louisa Edwards Says :
3:38 PM

Amen, sistah! Keep it romantic and you'll always be happy. And I want some of that lasagna, too!

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