Weekend Excursion

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It's all set. Friday morning we're driving off into Texas Hill Country where we'll be participating in the annual Wine Trail. I'm very excited because I love wine and I especially love tastings at the vineyards...there's something magical about seeing the rows and rows of flourishing grapevines and having the opportunity to learn the process of turning these fruits into wine. Of course, there's already a thunderstorm warning but we hope it's nothing more than scattered showers...I'm toting my faithful camera with me to see if I can get some awesome shots of the Texas Countryside.

It's my first real vacation in a long while so I'm going to make sure it's fun and relaxing. We don't know how many wineries we'll hit, but it's more for the adventure and a change of pace. I've decided to take time away from all the proposals I'm working on and write my paranormal short story. It's got Asian witchcraft, magic, and plenty of romance. I'm hoping I'll finish it in a week...yep, so everything's on hold until I get it done. It's a good exercise for me. Like with any craft, you gotta keep writing and finish something. Proposals are fun but they don't require me completing the whole thing until it's sold. At least with novellas, I'm constantly pushing myself to get more work out there. Can't have people forgetting my name...

Okay folks, hope your weekend is full of relaxation and fun. Go ahead, you deserve the spa treatments and mani/pedis. Of course, I've already been spoiled this week. I got a new cell phone, Samsung Memoir, coming my way and an awesome pair of Sketcher cyclers with a wedge. They're so comfy and fashionable! It's a compromise for a person who loves flip flops and still want the height. Off to pack...

5 Responses to "Weekend Excursion"

Abigail McKenley Says :
6:43 PM

Have Fun Jax!

Kristen Painter Says :
7:18 PM

Have fun!

Maria Geraci Says :
7:16 AM

I lived in Texas for 10 years (5 in Plano, 5 in Austin). The Texas Hill country is beautiful! Have a great time:)

Kwana Says :
8:48 AM

Have a great time. Enjoy the wine and peace.

Kelley Nyrae Says :
10:55 AM

Sounds like a fun weekend! Congrats. I'm actually doing some fun stuff this weekend too that I blogged about. LOL. Have fun!

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