To the Writing Cave...

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Well, I've got soooooo much going on these days and I need to take some time to catch up on all my deadlines and personal obligations. I'm giving myself a few weeks, so in the interest of not going crazy and running down the street hurling profanities at the top of my lungs...I will retreat to the writing cave.

I'll be doing my blogging rounds and trouble shooting issues with Romance Divas, but I shall be scarce. Hopefully I'll be able to pop in and throw out some nuggets of wisdom. In the interim I hope you all buckle down and focus on your projects, loved ones, and staying optimistic.


Every Monday I'm at HOOKED ON ROMANCE and some Thursdays.

The 1st of every month I'm at the Parker Publishing blog.

While I'm hiding out, I am trying to stay offline as much as humanly possible. Let's see how well that works If you are desperate for me to resurface, feel free to email me or scream your protests in your comments. Okay, I'm off to total recluse mode.....


8 Responses to "To the Writing Cave..."

Marcia Colette Says :
7:21 PM

I know that feeling. I'm juggling between edits on book and revisions with another. Talk about needing more time in the day.

Kelly Gay Says :
8:24 PM

Here's hoping you get a ton of work done, Jax! :)

Chudney Defreitas-Thomas Says :
8:52 PM

Hope you get everything done. Feeling free to scream every once in a while. It will help relieve stress. ;)

Kwana Says :
9:06 AM

Good luck to you. Take care of yourself. Much love.

Katie Reus Says :
11:00 AM

Good luck Jax! You'll get it done :)

Louisa Edwards Says :
2:58 PM

I'll take the cave right next to yours; we can be neighbors!

Jax Cassidy Says :
3:02 PM

Thanks everyone for your support! I need to stop getting too wrapped up in other things when I should be working :)

Kristen Painter Says :
7:31 AM

My cave is now vacant, at least for a few days. Feel free to move in!

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