Arrgh. It just gets better!

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**UPDATE: I'm such a dork! I guess exhaustion and lack of sleep causes stupidity. I finally called the help center that runs the onsite servers and it was a simple fix. Man, if I had called them yesterday, I would have never had to bug my computer friends over something so silly! A lesson learned.**

Thankfully I have my laptop so I can still access the internet, but my bloody desktop--my main 'puter--is having difficulties connecting with the internet even though it is connected to the wifi. :( Sounds like a simple solution but it's taken me about 6 hours with no results. It's as if it's teasing me with the fact that my wireless USB works but it's not allowing me entry. I'm just peachy at the moment. If anyone knows, I'm an OCD type personality who likes to solve the issues even if it takes days...but I know when I'm whipped. I need a professional to take a look, and lucky for me, I have a few friends who are genius with computers...I'm just happy that they're going to try to walk me through it over the internet and phone. You know, when things appear like it's turning around THUMP! the Universe is laughing at me all over again. I must be the most insane person or else I know cosmically that I am approaching greatness because my tolerance threshold is starting to wear thin. Sigh.

Today, I truly hope I get this darn thing working...otherwise I will be stuck transporting data from one computer to the next in order to get information up for my clients. Sniff sniff. And I was going to write I will be losing precious time.

You're right. No pity parties. I will suck it up and hope that my life will vastly improve before I become a jaded and bitter author....LOL

5 Responses to "Arrgh. It just gets better!"

Kristen Painter Says :
11:09 AM

Ugh. That sucks. I hope it gets worked out!

Kwana Says :
11:21 AM

Eeee. I'm sorry.

Maria Geraci Says :
4:27 PM

Agh! I hate it when things don't work the way they're supposed to:(

Jeannie Lin Says :
5:13 PM

They can take our lives, but they better not take our internet!

Computer issues piss me off like nothing else, and I'm usually a calm person. I feel your pain.

Dara Edmondson Says :
7:58 AM

Nothing frustrates me more than computer problems I can't solve. I hope yours is worked out ASAP!

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