On a new adventure...

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I've done a lot of soul searching lately. Moving really does have this weird affect on me and it puts me in a totally different zone. While I packed and sealed boxes, I thought about all the things I want to pick back up and create. I miss painting, writing screenplays, film making, going to museums, going to the beach...as I start prioritizing things in my mind, I'm setting goals for myself and what I hope to achieve, what I want to work on that will add to my life. I have always had a love of travel and luckily so does Mr. Right. As a way to focus and work toward my goals, I've decided to think smart, produce more, and make these things happen. I'm generating a checklist for my 5 year goals and I am hell-bent on a major book deal this year. It was on my pseudo 2009 resolution but now it's time to get down-'n-dirty. It's time to say 'no more ms. nice gal'--and it's time to kick some butt! I've had these dark clouds follow me for way too long and I've had enough of it. So, I've started researching, plotting, finding ways to make things happen. I'm not going to sit around and let whatever outside elements get me down, I'm going to turn the wheels that will get me to my goals faster.

I know, these are very profound thoughts for a person who is packing, but sometimes the only good time to do these things is now. I'm already gearing my mind for success and I know, come December, I will do a recap that will include contracts, stability, success, and a solid footing. It's time that I stepped up and fought back instead of allowing my insecurities to limit my progress.

Offline until next week...I'm outtie.

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Jeannie Lin Says :
7:16 PM

I can see where going through such a big transition in your life externally must have a profound effect on what goes on inside your head. I can sense a focusing of your energy and it's great to see. That contract is all but yours, all you have to do is claim it!

Safe travels and take care.

Kwana Says :
11:08 PM

Good luck Ms. Jax. You've got a lot going on it's causing the mid to race. Take notes if you can in a little notebook. You are making things happen and will continue to do so. I know it.

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