It's all a blur

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Life is whizzing a blurry mess...and I'm completely lost in time. I've been house sitting and my sixteen year old niece is staying with me so I'm having to get up at 6:00 AM to drop her off then shuttle her home at 2:30 PM. I feel like a total soccer mom and a walking zombie because of lack of sleep. I need to write but I haven't had a chance to catch my breath since my arrival. The only good thing about all this is that when I get ready for bed at night, I get to catch up on some delicious reading. It's a wonderful escape and I'm happy to feel any kind of excitement about reading again. I guess as writers we get so wrapped up in the stress and the deadlines that it affects every facet of our daily lives. I've missed reading. I used to devour at least 5 books a week, no kidding and soon it was 1 or 2 books a year. Sadly, I hadn't realized how much I missed out until now. I'm glad that I've made it a habit to read a chapter or two the last few nights. I'm currently reading Lynn Kurland's WHEN I FALL IN LOVE, a historical romance which is outside of my own writing genre. She's one of the few authors I totally adore and will auto-buy. I don't know what it is but her characters are so wholesome and fun. Maybe it's the predictability factor but it's a great comfort for me...much like Jude Deveraux's time travel books, Karen Marie Moning's Highlander series, and Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series...I want to write these kinds of characters that will whisk my readers away and I hope by reading again, I will learn how to really breathe life into my characters...

Here's a good question for you readers....

What are you reading? How does the book make you feel?

Off to bake some sugar cookies. Yep, it's true...I am baking. :)

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Book Crazy Jenn Says :
6:18 PM

I am reading Impossible right now...

Reading takes me into the book, I mean litterly - I can forget who I am, forget about my life and stress and just sink deep into the novel - it's a delightful escape that I find I need...Books are my drug of choice...

December Says :
6:25 PM

I'm trying to get into New Moon. but honestly, I'm not trying THAT hard. Its more about peer pressure than enjoyment.

Jax Cassidy Says :
7:00 PM

Jenn -- Impossible, huh? That sounds like a cool book. I've seen the cover and it looks interesting. I must investigate.

December -- I personally didn't read any of the Stephenie Meyers books in full, but skimmed through them. My sister read them all and gave me a recap. Personally, the writing wasn't that great and I thought it got more hype than it deserved...but that's just me reading as a writer...I like to edit as I read. LOL

Kwana Says :
9:07 AM

Isn't it great when you get to read? Right now I'm listening to Janet Evanovich who I adore and reading Plilappia Gregory The White Queen and I enjoy her book so much too. These are authors that take you away and I wish I could do that so much.

Robin Says :
9:58 AM

I just finished Like A Charm by Candace Havens and really enjoyed it! I've got *so* many books in my TBR pile that I'm trying to get through a good portion of it before I buy any more new ones. (Easier said than done with my B&N addiction.)

Happy reading!

Jax Cassidy Says :
11:59 AM

Kwana -- I've been wanting to read Phillipa Gregory but have her on my list. Can you believe I've never read a Janet Evanovich novel? I must be one of the few.

Robin -- Candy is awesome. Did you know me and Kristen have a cameo in her Demon King and I book? LOL

I'm still loving my current read!

Louisa Edwards Says :
8:02 AM

LOL, I blogged about baking today! I just finished An Improper Holiday, m/m historical romance by one of my faves, K.A. Mitchell. She's an autobuy for me!

Jeannie Lin Says :
5:35 AM

I just read It Had to Be You, but Susan Elizabeth Philips. As usual, I'm behind the times as it's a classic. It wasn't even the comedy I loved about it, but the very in depth characterizations. I loved every single character, big and small, in that book!

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