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I've spent a lot of time away from writing this year. Not intentionally, but because there's been so much happening in my life. I feel like I can't even catch my breath! Now that I'm temporarily settled in the sunshine state, I'll be able to meet up with my writing pals again :)

In fact, I've got a lunch writing date set up tomorrow and then on Saturday, I've got plans to meet a small group for some writing and gossip fun. It's going to be good for me because I've been isolated for so long. I'm looking forward to this and glad that my passion for writing can finally be unleashed. I had periods of total unproductivity but the tides are changing, I can feel the shift, and I'm ready to jump back in the game. I know a lot of my writer pals have been trudging alongside me but I'm proud they've met their deadlines and goals. In fact, several of my friends have recently scored some juicy multi-book contracts--but I can't disclose any of the details (but I'm dying to tell). At least I get to scream with them via the phone or through the email. It's exciting to see their hard work pay off and equally awesome that they shared the news with me while their projects were undergoing's like living vicariously through them!

See that saying "Passion propels your dreams"? I totally agree with that statement. Why? Because when you're a writer you need that fire, that passion to propel you. You need that passion to drive you forward even when the going gets tough. I know I sound like a broken record but once you lose that passion, you lose that confidence and you lose the desire to write. I may go through those writing slumps, however, the passion has never burned out and I'm lucky for it. In fact, my love for the written word grows stronger because of those unforeseen breaks in writing. It's like a prisoner being starved so long that their appetite becomes voracious when they're freed. I love that exhilarating rush, I love the passion that overtakes me when I'm working on my story. I can feel the electricity flowing through my fingertips. Maybe it's a small sprinkle of magic, but it just reiterates my belief that passion does indeed propels your dreams in more ways than one.

Well, I've got a handful of hours left to enjoy my time off...even though technically it's not really time off...but tomorrow I'm back on my writing schedule and then I'll be biting my nails all through the holiday season and new year to see if NY will love my latest project. Hopefully my readers will too if I get a 2010 slot!

4 Responses to "Passion propels"

December Says :
6:46 PM

so true. Something has to keep us trudging merrily forward, eyes open and pen at the ready!
Can't wait to see your name pop up in 2010.

Katie Reus Says :
6:56 PM

Amen sister :) It's the passion that keeps us going! Glad you're back in the sunshine state!

Jax Cassidy Says :
9:12 AM

December -- You're going to do fine. I know you've got a lot on your plate but if we keep this steady (or sporadic) pace, we should still make progress!

Katie -- I'm glad I'm back temporarily. I haven't decided if I am going to sign up with our local chapter but there's still time. LOL

I can't wait to see you Saturday!

Wynter Daniels Says :
8:03 PM

What a great feeling, to get that verve back! You go, girl!

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