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I grew up with a camera in my hand. There was a period I didn't do any photography due to life but I always saw things through the camera lense. Of course, I'm trying to collect more gadgets for my Nikon but when I get a freelance job, there's always a rush of excitement. Regardless if it's headshots, family portraits, children or animals...I love doing it. I wish I had a studio and more time to devote to this. The good news is that my client list is growing through referrals. I've got a couple of really coooool jobs coming up, and some require native costumes, which I'm dying to do.

This morning I wrapped up a headshot for a real estate agent and it was a lot of fun. Men and women photograph so differently. I'm a natural light kind of girl and so I like outdoor shots. Usually I have an assistant but moving to the Sunshine State, I'm going solo. Reflectors are key and when you don't have the help, you just gotta wing it. Needless to say, the pics turned out awesome!

Backdrop plays a major part in good headshots. It can make or break a photo unless it's in studio. At the wrap of my session, I noticed a willing model. She's quite beautiful and a little bit of a Diva. She finally ended up posing for me and I think she's a classic beauty.

I just love photography...I hope to someday be confident enough to take shots that I can blow up and hang on my wall as art...until then, I'll keep taking the purrrfect shot.

3 Responses to "Purrrrfect shot"

Abigail Says :
2:40 PM

What a gorgeous kitty! You take such beautiful pics Jax!

jax Says :
2:47 PM

Why, thank you! Animals are such natural posers. She was eyeing my Starbucks so I bribed her. :)

Kelly Gay Says :
8:17 AM

Great shot! Love those white whiskers.

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