As promised, Jax's 'almost fully furnished' office...

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Okay, so I'm all set up in my office work-wise. I've been on the computer playing catch up in between trying to finish unpacking in the living room. I love my space. It's very Zen-like. tranquil, and I've surrounded myself with things that make me happy, like: my first check, all my printed books, my lucky bamboo plant, reference materials, and elegant sculptures that inspires me. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to purchase a bookshelf or paintings to adorn my walls, but once I get them, this place will look top-notch! Ooooh, I shiver deliciously at the thought...

I'm soooo very happy in this space!!!!

I've even got a comfy sofa where my friends can come visit or write with me. It also pulls out like a futon bed if I have a mini-retreat. Did I mention I love my office? I can feel all the positive energy swirling around. I really believe this will be the place I'll write my finest works! It's good to have my own secret retreat and Mr. Right is very supportive about me having this spot..okay, so he grumbles that it's the nicest spot in the place..but deep down, I know he's thrilled. A little envious, but I promised the living room would be his :) -- Just made myself another cup of French Roast a la Mr. Keurig and about to tackle some graphic design work I need to turn in.

UPDATED: Here's the full view of the room. Excuse the wires underneath my workstation, I didn't have a chance to hide them. :) I am also getting a chair to fit the table but haven't had time yet....


5 Responses to "As promised, Jax's 'almost fully furnished' office..."

Kelley Nyrae Says :
3:17 PM

I love your new office. It's beautiful. YOu'll get some great writing done there.

Abigail Says :
3:55 PM

Its beautiful Jax! Happy Writing!

Louisa Edwards Says :
8:05 AM

What a beautiful office! Should be very conducive to creativity.

jax Says :
9:31 AM

I am certain it will take a lot for me to leave the room. It's pretty spacious so my chi has room to flow :) I feel inspired every time I step into it.

Nikki Duncan Says :
11:52 AM

I love it!!

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