Time to throw in the towel

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It's amazing how a person can continually push themselves until they drop from exhaustion, but I must fall into a whole other categoray all together. I'm just a glutton for punishment.. Well, I tend to scrape myself off the floor, sigh a little and crawl my way to the infinite abyss called work.

Today I hit my max because I feel like I've been hit in the head with a crowbar. My sinuses are going haywire, the cough has become a major breathing obstacle, and my brain's on strike. Of course, I managed to acquire more graphic design work... good for income, bad for my social life.. er lack of it. Tonight I'm going to see a band called Angeles Drake at the Viper Room. Their single was played on Joan of Arcadia two weeks ago and they're good. It so happens they're friends of my friend and hence the connection. I'm excited about going, but everytime there's something fun I tend to get sick or stuck in a miserable situation that needs resolving. This time I say to heck with it and I'm just gonna go. Granted I'll regret it tomorrow when my headache will feel like my head was used for a bongo drum.

C'est la vie, such is life... do I learn from these lessons to relax or drop at 40? One thing's for sure, I'm going to get a living Will. Lately I've been sorting finances, organizing my investments and hoping I'll get a 2 book deal, land an agent, and take off for Bora Bora so I could sip on my Pina Colada. Ah, what I would give for a full day's rest.

6 Responses to "Time to throw in the towel"

Sela Carsen Says :
8:38 PM

When we get to Reno, I'm going to take you to a quiet, dark restaurant, sit you down with a cup of tea and not let you do anything, including talk, for an hour. You can slide down in the booth and sleep for all I care, but you will NOT buzz!

You just have to last until we get to Reno. Or you could sleep tonight, but I think I already know the answer to that question.

Eva Gale Says :
9:46 PM

I'd say sit on her Sela. Maybe two of you should sit on her.

Hope you kick back and have a great time tonight!

Kristen Painter Says :
4:30 PM

You know she still hasn't used the spa gift certificate I gave her LAST year for her birthday.

Lucinda Says :
4:48 PM

Jax, anyone who works as hard as you do, deserves not only the two book deal but SEVERAL pina coladas on Bora Bora. See you there!

jax Says :
8:52 PM

I'll take you up on your offer Sela. As for Maggie, we're partying girlfriend when I see ya.

Will I sleep? Maybe.

Eva Gale Says :
12:14 PM

Love the new look!

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