Give me a break!

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I really ought to think more often... so this morning I came to work and our servers were down and I couldn't access anything, so I decided to work on my current manuscript Parisian Skye. Well, all excited about picking it up I opened the word document and realized I had saved over 60 pages of work with a revision I did on my finished manuscript! I'm one of those lazy people who uses the current document to create a new document and I'm normally great about doing this from the start, but due to so many things in my head lately..I goofed. So, now I have to pray I have a back up for at least half of those pages...! Aaaargh, what's going on here? I'm depressed because my edits suck and I'm depressed that I can't even work on my new WIP... Seems to me this month has really kicked my butt. Only a few more days left of May and I'm so bummed!

Enough about my whining.. what's positive in my life... my husband's got two screenplays at major movie studios... I'm not getting evicted from my home because I'm able to pay bills this month after a big loss with this e-commerce site I worked on and got screwed by my business partner... I've got 4 websites to finish up before I take a brief hiatus. I might just do one website a month so I won't totally not work... I've decided to up my rates as I'm totally screwing myself over in pricing because I have a heart and feel bad to get paid my worth! Most web companies charge 3 X 4 times my rates! My ramen and mac & cheese days will be over in like two to three months. And....there's always RENO....sigh, it smells like a tropical island paradise for me!

Oh, the little things really make a difference. Now, I'm going to try to start typing my page one.. sniff, cry, boohoo.... whhhaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Will I ever learn the word BackUp?

5 Responses to "Give me a break!"

Kristen Painter Says :
12:18 PM

You're a pitiful thing, you know that?

Reno will make it all better.

jax Says :
12:40 PM

Pitiful... yes, I'll own up to it. hehe

Gena Showalter Says :
1:08 PM

Ah, Backup and I are now on intimate terms. After I lost a whole bunch of material I'd worked on, I created an account where I now just store my stuff in cyber space. Lord knows what I'd do if I lost one of my hand-written notebooks, though. Just the thought has me writhing on the floor in a fetal ball.

jax Says :
1:33 PM

My hubby is buying me a new jump drive so I will make sure to back up everything without any excuses! I gave my last one away to a friend of mine who was starting her writing career and haven't replaced I will!

Nonny Says :
6:22 PM

Aww, honey. *HUGS* I've done the same thing before... it sucks. :(

*crosses fingers for backups*

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