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First off... In observance of Memorial Day I want to THANK all the men and women who serve for our country to make this a better place. To the men and women before us who have died to give us the freedoms we have today. I'm thankful that they are all a part of our lives and are willing to sacrifice and continue to do so. THANK YOU!

Okay, now I'd like to say I spent my whole holiday weekend working like a madwoman. After months of looking at my placeholder on www.jaxadora.com -- I thought it was wise for me to get it up since I put up this article on web design... hehe, I guess I was under the gun. The funny thing was that I couldn't stop working on it until it was finished since I set a goal for a deadline. I've barely had any sleep but the end result is very nice and I'm happy to see it up.

On the writing front, it was a nonexistent one for me, but I've come up with many ideas to improve it. I will be doing edits to my paranormal GHOSTHUNTER and then focus on my contemporary WIP. I think it's going to be a good week and even if it isn't, I'll try to make it one.

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5 Responses to "Obsessively sweet"

Lynn Says :
1:13 PM

The site is gorgeous, Jax! Absolutely gorgeous. I'm green with envy over your skills.

Good luck with your writing week! Sorry I've been absent at Romance Divas...life seriously got in the way. I'm hoping to make it back over this week.

jax Says :
10:47 AM

We miss you and we hope you'll return when you can. I know all about life and it's good that you're taking care of it.

I'm happy you like the site and at least I can breathe easy it's finally done!

Gena Showalter Says :
11:01 AM

Oh, excellent title! I'm intrigued!

Eva Gale Says :
6:37 PM

The site is gorgeous. I can't wait to finish my ms's so I can have you do one for me!

Kristen Painter Says :
10:26 AM

Thanks for the mention of those who have served our country. As an Airforce spouse, that means a lot to me.

Best wishes on getting GH revised and out the door!

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