The Wheels Are Turning

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I've written 22 pages in less than two days. I was going to write 10 more pages last night but decided I should finally work on my website. My goal is to write at least 20 pages a day. I figured if I keep on this track I'll have my second novel done in no time at all. There's something wonderful about creating, especially bringing to life characters that have been in my head for so long. I don't know, lately I've come to realize life is terribly short and I need to take advantage of my time. I've worked so long and hard for people and I never stopped to do anything for myself. I'm going to take a break from my web business after I finish my last few jobs so I can devote to writing and painting.

Oh, how I miss the smell of acrylics and watching the colors leap out, watching those abstract images turn into something more. Okay, I'm a dork -- I LOVE getting my hands dirty from paint splashes and stains and not being able to scrub off the colored residues. I don't necessarily like the paint underneath the nails, but it's fine with me as it comes with the territory. It feels good to cake on the acrylics, seeing and feeling the textures... loving the experience of pouring your emotions into something you can see for years to come. I guess when you're an artist of any kind, it's in your blood and you lust for the experience and yearn for the day you can get back to it again.

Ah, summertime and getting back to art. I can't wait until I do another art exhibition. I guess I should start planning for it now....

4 Responses to "The Wheels Are Turning"

Silma Says :
1:57 PM

Congrats on your sudden sprout of inspiration and writing 20 pages per day! Woohoo!

As for being a dork, no, you're not. You're a darn creative person. Dorks are people like Bill Gates, who can't come up with an original idea but are good at copying from others. *lol*

jax Says :
2:57 PM

Thanks Silma! :) Now, if I could only make the money that Bill Gates does I'd be a happy camper. I figured my goal is to write a book in a month. Maybe I'll be able to have another book under my belt for RWA.

Kristen Painter Says :
8:29 AM

I'm SO happy to see you writing with such enthusiasm again. It's gonna be great, I just know it.

Here's to Parisian Sky (Isn't that what it's called?) being your second best-seller!

Sheri Says :
8:01 PM

I'm so impressed with your writing! 20 Pages a day is awesome. Congrats.

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