Getting off my bum

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I literally get glued to my seat in my home office. So, I finally sent off my GHOSTHUNTER partial to Chris Keeslar at Dorchester and I'm stoked. The chapters are in excellent form thanks to all my CPs... Kristen, Lisa, Briana... it's amazing how each person can show you things to improve your craft. Things that I'll take with me into my many many novels. It's a nice feeling of accomplishment. I just finished Lisa's website ... her pen Eden Bradley and Eleanor Murphy's site and I feel good. I'll be working on my personal site this week as well.. I've managed to start writing again on my contemporary Parisian Skye and it's coming along great! I love my characters. There's something amazing when you start thinking they really exist. haha! I love the challenges they put me through. It's been a productive month and finally some good showing out of the dreary months past. I can say hubby has 3 different screenplays out at 3 different movie studios awaiting a sale. I'll cross my fingers that we'll see three contracts!

Well, now I need to get back to writing or else my h/h will be bugging me the rest of the day!

7 Responses to "Getting off my bum"

Diane Says :
2:22 PM

Jax, congrats on sending your baby out the door.

Gena Showalter Says :
4:52 PM

Congrats on getting that precious thing out the door and to an editor! And I LOVE the title! I'm intrigued already...

jax Says :
4:53 PM

I can give you a sneak peek Gena. :)

Bonnie Ferguson Says :
2:12 PM

Woo Hoo on sending it out :)

Eva Gale Says :
6:20 PM

It's true that different Cp's bring different talents to the table. It helps because sometimes you get so blind to your own work.

I hope you knock Chris out with your fresh voice.

Adrienne Kama Says :
7:49 AM

Congratulations Jax!!! I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for you and your hubby.

Jill Says :
9:10 AM

Good luck with the partial!

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