Hurray for me

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Jumpin' Jupiters, I finally edited my blasted first three chapters of Ghosthunter! Yippee, now I can get a second opinion before I put it in the mail to Chris Keeslar. Man, I'm behind. I may take one more look at it tonight and hope I've done a bit of improvement yet still retains my voice.

I can't believe I've got writing-itis again. It's been so long since my sweet inspiration left me.. now I'm back in the game and I'm ready to chug ahead. Maybe write some more tonight on my new WIP and of course, continue edits throughout the chapters on GH (short for Ghosthunter)... sigh.

Okay, I've been pondering ideas on what kind of dress I'm looking for to take with me to Reno. Gosh, so much to do even though it's next month. Seems like the weeks are flying by and soon I'll be flying out to the big event. It's exciting and the rush of pitches, meeting new people, learning and having fun is something I look forward to. No work for days and it's going to be a sort of vacation for me... much needed. I'll bring my bikini and hope I'll have pool time with the cabana boys refilling my martinis. :)

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Lynn Says :
10:31 PM

WOO HOO on getting the GH chapters done! And if that's what writing-itis is, come sneeze on me so I'll catch it too. *g*

BTW--You've been tagged! Check my blog for the meme.

Please have a cabana boy filled martini for me in Reno.

jax Says :
11:44 PM

Wow, being tagged is stressful :)

Okay, I'll give it a whirly whirl.

Yes, I'm on a writing frenzy--I'll send my cabana boy muse to you Lynn!

Lynn Says :
12:08 AM

Oooh! A cabana boy muse? I'm excited now! *bg*

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