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Don't you just love it when you're on a writing role. I can't explain it but the writing muse has graced me with some creative sprinkles. A while back I wiped out my WIP at 30 pages and in like three days I've written 38 pages... I'm hoping I'll be at 50 by Sunday if I'm not sidetracked. This story is just flowing, granted I'm not going back to edit and just doing a straight draft. Once I get to the end I will go back, flesh it out, add some prettiness and then I will take a break before I do major edits.

What I love best is the characters, how attached I am to them. How beautiful the hero is in his manners.. gotta love 'em. Now, the true test is if I can stick to my writing schedule of 10-20 pages a day... I can normally do 20 if I'm not working on other projects, otherwise it's a good 10 pages.

Just ate dinner and now I'm thinking I need a break tonight. This weekend is going to be a busy one, so I might as well enjoy doing nothing. Between bbq's, chapter meetings and working - I may need tonight to recupe in advance.

3 Responses to "On a role"

Lynn Says :
12:10 AM

I'm so jealous! I'm have a devil of a time getting back into the writing habit.

Huge congrats to ya. Hope the story keeps flowing.

Nonny Says :
6:01 AM

Woohoo! Way to go, Jax! :D

jax Says :
11:10 AM

I will tell my muse to grace you with her presence Lynn...

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