Shuffling my feet

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Don't know what it is about summer coming to an end but I've been SPACED OUT. Yep, I can't seem to focus on anything and I have a tendency to sleep rather than work. I've read almost 5 books in 4 days! No kidding.. not only that, I'm getting so antsy at work I really feel like changing occupations. Of course the only other real career move I'd like to make is a writing one.

Is this summeritis? Y'know, like back in high school you get senioritis. hehe.

Duh, time to get writing.

3 Responses to "Shuffling my feet"

Adrienne Kama Says :
10:08 PM

So it's not just me. I've gone through books like a maniac and I can't seem to concentrate on writing my own. Maybe it's something in the heat :)

Diane Says :
7:30 AM

I'm with you there Jax. I'm in limbo. No new writing, just some re-writes on the first ms. At least we are not alone.

Lynn Daniels Says :
10:26 AM

Are you peeking into my life while I'm not looking? It seems to either be feast or famine with me lately: 22 pages one day, nothing written the next. But I have managed to read lots of books!

Let me know if you find a name for the condition.

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