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Got a request from Kensington this morning and I'm busting butt to get it out the door. Funny how life goes.. I don't have problems getting a request, but I have problems getting a response after I send it out. I've got partials or manuscripts at TOR, Dorchester, Avon, Pocket Books, and three other agents office.. now if only they would respond... So, after I send this puppy out the door, it will be number 8 on my waiting list :(

I shouldn't complain because I have been very fortunate. At least I had three visible rejections. Avon (the first time around, different editor), and the Knight Agency twice for the same manuscript. :P Oh well.. I had to try. I think the only thing I'm missing is St. Martin's Press. LOL

I suppose I'll be MIA for a week or so to polish... so in the immortal words of Elvis .."Thank you, thank you very much..."

6 Responses to "Another request"

Tess Harrison Says :
6:10 PM

Congratulations!! That's such fabulous news! Good luck!!

Lynn Daniels Says :
8:00 PM

WOO HOO for you, Jax! Get that puppy polished and out!

jax Says :
10:06 AM

Thanks gals! I'm working hard at it. I guess I'm feeling elated and shocked.

Barb Says :
6:57 PM

Hopefully, 8th time's the charm. You'll sell this, Jax. The concept is sooooooo good!

Laura Says :
8:39 PM

Congrats Jax! That's fantastic news.

Would it be too much if I added...Jax has left the blog...???

jax Says :
9:58 AM

Aaha-- that's great Laura. You guys keep me on my toes. I don't want to disappoint you guys if I don't sale..I feel it in my bones. This is a project I think will make everyone feel warm and fuzzy if it makes it to print. Sigh...

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