Don't do it

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Don't wait until the last minute to tighten up the manuscript you loooove.. Don't save so many version you can't tell which is the right one. Don't get distracted. Don't work on your website....

Okay, today I got a request from a fabulous agent who wants my full manuscript of Ghosthunter. It's this high you ride as long as you can. Mostly, knowing someone actually liked your partial enough to want to read the whole thing! Now, the highlight of it is discovering the said agent has an intern that loved your partial, making you feel even better...yet even more frightened. I don't know why it's so difficult to accept something good when it hits you on the head.

Enough said.. I'm going back to editing...

4 Responses to "Don't do it"

Silma Says :
4:31 PM

Happy to hear you got a request for a full! *does the Ren & Stimpy happy/joy dance* Hope she buys it!!!

Laura Says :
5:52 AM

Congrats Jax! That's fabulous news. Silma can do Ren & Stimpy dance, I'll do the banana dance! It's such a nice but scary feeling. I'm positive you'll be A-okay chicky. Woohoo.

Adrienne Kama Says :
11:24 AM

Yay Jax! That's fantastic news. I'm dancing for you too.

And it's good to know I'm not the only one with three different versions of the same story sitting in my computer.

Eva Gale Says :
7:22 PM


Nothing new here either...

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