Ghost and Goblins

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I missed those days when my brothers and sisters and I would dress up and go door to door trick-or-treatin'. It was the best times of my life and often we'd go to the haunted house. One year I knee'd someone in the nuts for freakin' me out, needless to say I was thrown out. :)

Anyways, I started off this holiday by drinking, drinking, and more drinking on Friday night. 2 glasses of wine earlier, then I had two pina colodas and then went to a super cool & trendy bar called MATCH. It's about half a mile down the street from my apartment and I dragged my buddy JM with me. Had 4 cosmopolitans there and while my buddy got hit on by an acquaintance of mine who's 12 years older than he was I wanted to yell "Get a room". But whatever. I was trashed and I guess being the wingman means putting up with women pawing on your friends. I woke up a bit hungover but spent Saturday OD-ing on lattes and blew $125 bucks getting peds & manis for me and my friend. :( Okay, so I didn't expect I'd be out that much but those bloody nail techs really are skilled at selling hard and you can't help but say "sure". Now, I'm brooding because I didn't realized I over tipped by 50% until I got home and re-calculated the cost. Oh well, teaches me to learn mathematics. By the evening I was already cranky and spent another $200 on groceries for the month. I stocked up on instant noodles until I could get more freelance work in. No mac-n-cheeze for me. That's when JM called and told me he really needed to talk to me. Turns out we go to my favorite new little cafe and tells me in a drunken stupor he gave into the dark side. He slutted with my friend. Of all the stupid things he's ever done, oh well. At least he enjoyed it..but I made him pay!

Sunday rolled around and I met up with my buddy Lisa. She's equivalent to Samantha of Sex and the City and I'm equivalent to Carrie. On the spur of the moment we decided to go to the Pleasure Chest, a hip sex shop. Yes, we did. Yes, I did. It was quite an entertaining adventure. I will not tell a lie, I cracked jokes, tinkered with toys and even got a spanking from Lisa. Okay, we were testing out paddles and it was silly fun. I drew the line on electric nipple clamps. Okay, we bought some souvenirs and spent the next hour back at Amsterdam cafe and talked about life, sex and so on and so on... never a dull moment, I tell ya.

This isn't my typical weekend and most definitely I'm usually a recluse. For some reason I can blame it on the freaky Halloween season that drives you to do things you normally don't. Did I get writing done? Nope.

One thing I learned was that JM mentioned now I have new material from fodder. Guess he's right because I'm so going to add his antics in my next book. It's fun to be able to rub an "uh-oh" moment in his face forever. That's what friends are for.

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Eva Gale Says :
9:25 AM

Ohhhh Mannnnn....

I should have called you at 6 am my time. Hheeahahahaaa....

You were dang quiet this weekend and now I know why!

Girl, I spend 300 a WEEK on groceries. ANd if you have 6 mouths to feed you can remember reliable birthcontrol. I would give you a hint as to what but it seems only sterilization works for me.

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