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EROTICA! - Wet, salty and delicious You are driven
to excite the reader into a literal froth with
your literary talents! You are a connoisseur of
the carnal side of humanity from Kink to
high-speed BJs in the front seat of a speeding
jag! Sex is GOOD. Penthouse and the Internet
after dark are your inspirations!

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4 Responses to "Hummmmmmm.........."

Eva Gale Says :
8:10 PM


JENNA Says :
5:26 PM

See, I thought I'd get that but I got romance. Good thing.

Adrienne Kama Says :
6:38 PM

I write erotic romance and got "Romance". LOL! I'm right there with you, Jenna :)

jax Says :
11:19 PM

So I'm not in the wrong field after all! :)

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