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News Bulletin:

Monday the 14th in the Romance Divas chatroom, agent Steven Axelrod will be chatting from 9pm to 10pm. If you're interested in participating, simply register in the Forum section then email me ( for a password.

Also pick up a Sun magazine with Kristen's short story, Sweet Beginnings-- on sale now in your local grocery store or newsstand! This is her first published short so let's support a fellow writer!

Now on to other news:

My chapter is having a BIAW so I've committed to 50 pages. I figured I'd force myself back into writing mode. Believe me, I'm just as anxious to pick up the writing pace. So much to do, so little time. It's a new work week and I'm all revved up and hoping I'll survive. Next week is a short week for me since I'll be going to Little Rock on Wednesday the 23rd. Yep, I'll be out of pocket until Sunday when I return. Gotta see the in-laws. I so miss them--love them to death. Can't wait to see my dog Trixie. Yes, I packed her up earlier this year and shipped her off to the folks. We just couldn't bear leaving her at home while we worked long days, so she's in such a nicer place at my IL with their yard and other dogs to play with. And she gets spoiled rotten too!

What are my New Year's resolution for 2006. I need to start early or I'll never do it. Well, that's a toughie. What about you guys? I definitely will put on the top of my list MUST SALE A MANUSCRIPT AND LAND SUPER AGENT. :) Hey, might as well aim for the stars.

2 Responses to "Revved up"

Karen Says :
5:06 PM

I've already decided mine - make that first submission. With a hard enough kick in the ass, I might have it ready on Jan 2nd. I'd love to have a resolution made and done so quickly!

jax Says :
9:50 AM

Good for you Karen. I'm pretty much in the zone right now and happy about it.

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