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I feel like saying F$#@-it! I'm bogged down with webwork, web maintenancing, forum converting, you name it--I'm doing it. At least I can say I had a fun weekend. I spent Friday night going to watch Elizabethtown with Lisa and then we ate at PF Chang's and sat up talking until I passed out. :)

Saturday I went to Jeremiah's art show, his stuff is fantastic! It's spray paint on salvaged materials and it has such a strong message in his work. I was really impressed and it's nice to see someone with good talent have an art show. We drank Red Stripe and Mojitos (which apparently will be available in a pre-mix bottle for mojito lovers) and then I dragged Jesse and his friend John from San Diego, Amanda, and Julia to the Brass Monkey. A killer bar in K-town that offers karoake. Nope, I didn't sing but Jesse and Amanda did. :) Jesse needs a few voice lessons (don't tell him I said that) but Amanda blew us away with her rendition of Fiona Apple's Criminal. We drank cosmopolitans, beers and stuffed our faces with pizza and chicken wings. It was crazy fun and by the time I got home I was so pooped.

I had been living on like 7 hours sleep for 4 days! Sunday I was brain fried but manage to work out a client deal on her website and spent most of the night doing more maintenancing on Romance Divas.

Today I'm just not in a great mood. It's never good to walk into work and find an email that tells you you're going to have to work OT on Tuesday with a list of demands on what the department wants you to do. Can they say pretty please? How annoying is that? Anyways, I've guzzled my latte and don't want to start my work out regimen but know if I don't I'll look like a fat slob, so I'm going to buckle down and do it tonight :( I was going to kick the coffee habit, but I'll wait until I'm less pissed off tomorrow. Sigh. I can see it already. A long week!

The only good thing is that I'll be going to see Pride & Prejudice on Friday for their sneak peek and hopefully pray for Thanksgiving to come early so I'll have a the extra days off. I am pathetic.

6 Responses to "Some days"

Karen Says :
3:38 PM

Kicking the coffee habit?? I'm cringing just thinking of that.

I guess I'll have to pick up your slack to keep the coffee farmers of the world in business.

Teresa Says :
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Tess Harrison Says :
8:05 PM

Kicking the coffee habit is blasphemy!

But I hope today was better for you and I'm interested to hear how P&P is. I love the BBC version so I'm not sure about this new one.

Laura Says :
1:21 AM

Jax, of all the things you are, pathetic is not one of them, dear!

jax Says :
9:43 AM

You gals rock! It's nice to hear comments because for a while I thought I was talking to myself. hehe

Diane Says :
12:29 PM

Jax, you must know that all you do is appreciated

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