Holidays are a comin'

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I just found out yesterday that my company is giving us both next Friday and Monday off for Christmas. HOORAY! This means a looooong weekend and I'm stoked. Here's my chance to write without interruption. In the past years I've had huge holiday gatherings and baked turkey, ham, and many many side dishes. This year, I'm going to do NOTHING. That's right. I will probably make turkey for hubby, but I'm not gonna go through all the holiday cheer and have a mass of people. I just don't feel like it. Maybe the ghosts of Christmas Past will come for a visit, and I'll offer them eggnog, but I just feel the winter blues. I'm thinking I'll use this time to do "me" things. It's not often I get a chance to just kick back, but when I refer to "me", I'm meaning catching up on all the work I have managed to not do. It's not easy one bit.

Gosh, New Years is just peeking around the corner ... I better try to sneak some writing in while the creative juices are flowing.

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Silma Says :
7:21 PM

It's always good to use this time to do "me" things, catch up with one's life, reflect on what's going on. And of course, if you get some time to do some writing, it's even better. *g* I'm the ghost of Christmas Past, Present, and Future will love some eggnog.

jax Says :
8:19 PM

Want some rum in that eggnog? I certainly hope to do LOADS of writing. It's been a strange year. I get off on a good start and now I'm lagging behind. I'm hoping I'll have R&R so my mind will be all charged up for 2006. Hope your writing is going well Silma!

Adrienne Kama Says :
9:07 AM

Writers are odd creatures. We get time off the day job and all we want to do is write. LOL! I relate so much to you on that.

I hope you're able to get a lot of writing done this weekend AND that you have a great Christmas. Giving yourself time to write is a great present for you to give yourself.

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