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What's that? I think I should get my butt in gear and achieve at least one resolution. Okay, maybe last years "sell something" should have been more precise like "sell a novel" ... but I did "sell something" in terms of an article for Sun magazine. I guess it's better than nothin'. Next year, I'm going to be armed with stuff to send out. That's right. I'm going to produce darnit! I'll be a producing machine. I've got all those ideas in my little head, I should stop procrastinating and not sleep to finish them. Considering I have limited time as it is, but by golly, I won't sleep! (I think I've had too much caffeine)

After seeing all those damn Bally's & 24 Hour Fitness ads, I've decided to get in shape for summer. I'm going to work on toning my bod and tightening my abs. Okay, I've had enough of my other self of talking me out of working out so I've put money aside for those yoga lessons... (I must resist the urge to spend on sushi) I should have done it this year, but there's so many excuse I had for them. Maybe I'll kick start it at Romance Divas.

I've been burning the midnight oil to get my novella done and edited so I hope to have something positive come out of it when I start sending it out next week. Otherwise, I'm signing up for game shows next year!

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JENNA Says :
4:20 PM

You know...we do have the Glam Divas group, and we're siging up for the National body challenge...Maybe what you need is a daily email asking if you've produced a workout today. (I crack myself up!

Adrienne Kama Says :
8:42 AM

I could say "ditto" to everything you wrote, Jax. I need to get some stuff together to send to NY AND I need to get in shape. I've gained 15 pounds since RT. That's horrible.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you with NY. 2006 will be your year...and hopefully my hear too.

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