Another work done, another one to go

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I've been cranking out manuscripts with my writing partner. We've just outlined our next novel today and I feel really good about it. We've decided to work on Parisian Skye, but it's gone through a total story re-vamp. It's still a gothic erotic romance, but this single title will be one of my best works by far... er, I'm predicting. We've started writing today and hope to finish and polish this book by the end of February, early March.

Will I sleep, doubt it. I've got deadlines up the wah-zoo, but I'm on a roll and can't help myself. Just neglected this blog in a while and so I wanted to fill you in... yes, I did make the Amber Quill contest on time! Wish me luck!

5 Responses to "Another work done, another one to go"

Annalee Blysse Says :
2:22 AM

Oh, good. Best of luck in AQP contest. :)

Lynn Daniels Says :
7:50 PM

Good luck!

And don't forget to take time to breathe.

Adrienne Kama Says :
10:15 AM

Yeah, good luck with the contest.

Don't you love the early stages of a book, when you're outlining and the world is forming before your eyes. I love that! Good luck too with bringing this story to light.

jax Says :
11:45 AM

I love outlining and seeing how wonderful the story will be. I think this is the one.. this is very special!

Eva Gale Says :
10:28 PM

Good Luck! I hope it's a Diva closeout.

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