Like I don't have enough to do

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I sent out the novellas and am polishing up my Amber Quill submission... I also have four websites to do in the next few weeks. Whew, I'm a busy gal. Gotta save money to pay off all my dues and to join new organizations! I am a mess. It's a little past midnight and tomorrow I'll wake up bright and early to start my day all over again. On weekends I try to go writing at my favorite cafe called Amsterdam which is only several blocks from my apartment. Although, I should be ashamed for not finishing my painting to bring there. I'm suppose to have my artwork up..but with everything that's been going on, painting has fallen to the wayside. Geez, there are Christmas gifts I still need to mail out.. Sorry gals.. I'll do it soon, I promise. In the meantime, I have been having a productive life thus far. 2006 has proven to be a very busy one and I'm amazed I can still pop my eyes open in the morning. I keep thinking to myself that I'll slow down one day... We'll see.

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Adrienne Kama Says :
8:28 PM

After reading everything you have to do, I'm exhausted. LOL!

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