The mind of the character...

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My gothic novel is dark.

Ghosts, madness, passion, and deep-seeded sorrow... then, love conquers all. Now, the real work begins as I roll up my shirt sleeves and delve deep into the darkness. I have to crawl into the minds of my characters. I usually kick up my 'dark and brooding' soundtrack a notch and really hone in on their thoughts. I feel like a method actor and I think by the time this novel is finished, I hope I haven't slipped so deep ... but what's the fun in writing when you can't live, breathe, feel that character.

Writing is fun and to do it well I think sometimes we have to close ourselves off and go with it. I can't express how much I love this project. Ghosthunter is still my baby, but this one will be the one. It's a newfound joy to write it and I hope the end result will be everything I picture it to be. All writers have their own technique.. so I wonder how you do it? Do you become the character? Do you have conversations with yourself? (I know, I know..I do, too!) Of course, we're not very delusional and can break away from the story to get back into reality... but I'm curious-- tell me how you get into character? How do you write a convincing story?

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Robin Cynclair Says :
7:32 PM

I always start out by crawling into my villian's head. It's a place I really like to be! LOL Seriously, I like to figure out why they're so bad...what happened to them to make them turn out that way.

Gena Showalter Says :
10:11 AM

I like to picture the story inside my head, like a movie playing just for me. The more I watch, the more real the characters become to me.

jax Says :
10:45 AM

Gena, you sound like me! Eerie. I knew we got along for a reason.

Robin, I know, it is frightening to be so bad and have fun at it... only in our minds :)

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