Rejections build character

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Rejections: 4
Waiting for editor response: 5
Possibility with re-write: 1

So, got another rejection and although the email was nice, I have to say I was disappointed for a sec. Like all who receives a rejection, I started to wonder..what the heck is wrong with the manuscript? Perhaps if these editors and agents could give me more insight on the weak points, I'd understand and improve, but alas, they don't have time to do that... Well, I think I'll put this manuscript aside and pick it back up when I'm refreshed and ready to do the overhaul.Ghosthunter is my baby and I really feel it will see publication one day. For now, I know I've got to produce more and that's what I'm doing. In a month and a half I finished two novellas and working on a single title..let me tell you, this project is the one... I feel it. It's good, it's dark, it's passionate. All the things I love in a novel these days.

This blog isn't about a b!#@$ session, it's about getting those rejections and not letting it stop me from moving forward. I will perservere.

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Karen Says :
6:09 AM

Great attitude! And keep that productivity up, the more that's out there of yours the higher the odds one is going to click!

Silma Says :
8:21 AM

Yep, rejections are tough pills to swallow. But then again, if it's a nice rejection, it's easier. {{{hugs}}} Sorry to hear about your "r" letters. You're right, if the rejections would go into details on why they don't like it, things might easier for us. We'll know what to do to improve it.

You've finished 2 novellas? That's keeping your Muses working. Keep cracking that whip over them! *lol*

Angelle Trieste Says :
11:37 AM


So sorry to hear about the rejections. *hug* They're just so hard. I always tell myself it's just a part of the game, but whenever you get that "Dear Author..." your inside seems to die just a little along w/ your confidence.

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