Romance Divas has a new addition...

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I’d like to welcome Trace Edward Zaber of Amber Quill Press to Romance Divas!

To help us start off 2006 with a bang, Trace has graciously accepted to run a special column as our resident e-publisher guru to help our members out in their quest for publication. With our growing community, we thought it would be helpful to provide straight answers from an industry professional’s standpoint. For first time writers, he’ll go over the proper way to submit and will cover topics ranging from queries to formatting to first time “boo-boo’s”. He’ll provide insightful articles and initiate topics that will help us in our preparation for submitting to publishers.

We are excited and delighted that he is able to give up some of his time to help shape the future writers of the world. I’m confident his contribution will assist us as we move forward as on our road to publication!

Let’s welcome him to our family!

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