Home Sweet Home

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I just got back from a week with my family in Orlando. Of course, it wasn't my original vacation plans...I had to hop a plane last Friday when I was told my father was hospitalized. Can't tell you how distressing it is living a zillion miles away from elderly parents-- it's easy to feel helpless. Thankfully, my father was lucky and survived the worst, but four nights of sleeping on a lumpy, leather recliner and eating take out food really got old. Jeez, I even got on a first name basis with the staff. LOL

Anyway, I hoped to get some work done and even lugged my laptop there. I tried writing, I really did, but it wouldn't come to me. So, I spent most of the time watching movies and entertaining my dad when he was coherent. It's tough seeing a parent look so fragile. It puts things into perspective.

Since my family doesn't have DSL, I couldn't get to my emails and by the time I did, it was in the hundreds! I tried answering a few, but ended up shutting off my email to worry about later. Right now I'm exhausted and still recovering from the trip. I can say, I had a lot of time to contemplate and strategize what I want for myself in five years.

Now, it's back to reality....

5 Responses to "Home Sweet Home"

Karen Says :
5:17 AM

Glad you made it home, and your father is on the road to recovery. Hope you can take a day or two and recover yourself.

Diane Says :
1:01 PM

I hope your dad feels better.

Barb Says :
11:01 PM

We missed you, Jax.

Shari Says :
2:04 AM

I'm in the same boat - my mom fell last week and suffered broken bones but is too weak to have surgery. I hope you can get back on track after such an unexpected trip! ((HUGS)) I have to wait until the end of this week for my flight and subsequent family visit. Glad to hear your dad is getting better!

Lynn Daniels Says :
12:04 PM


I hope your father continues to improve.

And remember the sister thing? My mom's in Florida, too. South Florida, but still Florida.

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