UPS & Fedex sucks

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This must be a freak thing but in two days I've had problems with both service. First off, I got a package from HarperCollins and UPS did not leave me a sticker, did not attempt to contact me. It wasn't until almost two weeks later that I received a postcard from UPS that said to pick up my package by Feb. 14. Hello, it's Feb. 28th! I called to get my package and it has been shipped back to the owner! So I told them it was unacceptable and gave 'em hell so a manager is supposed to call me back. On the note in the system, the delivery person said there was no listing. Hello! It's on the freakin' buzzard that has my name and apartment number. Also, my address was clearly listed with apartment number in their system!!!!! Talk about incompetents! Jeez, leave it with the damn manager or something...

Now, as far as Fedex, I shipped two boxes at once and they managed to separate the boxes that says One of Two. C'mon, common sense should tell them there are 2 freakin' boxes. Not only that, the shipment was delayed 2 days when it should be OVERNIGHT... so I had them ship it back to me! At least they ended up reimbursing me on fees..but still!!!! These are two highly reputable companies.

Aaargh... I'm having a bad night. I'm going out to meet my vendor and drink up a storm. Maybe I shouldn't be making decisions while intoxicated. LOL

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