What a day

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I am one to love a day off, but unfortunately I've spent the last 15 hours working on websites and a book cover. No writing done whatsoever...At least my book cover was approved, so I am officially official at Liquid Silver Books! Yay! It's an exciting thing to start something new and love what you do.

I guess all the stress is worth a little bit of accomplishments. I hope this week will fly by in the corporate world and I hope I don't screw up my taxes!

Hope you all had a great President's Day.. now I'm gonna go watch something lame like "Wife Swap: How it saved my marriage" -- LOL, exciting!

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Silma Says :
2:03 PM

I'm like you. I work on my days off than when I'm on my workdays. What an oxymoron! *lol*

Congrats on getting your book cover approved! No surprise there though. You're a great graphic artist. *g*

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