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Upcoming Events

Here are some of the events scheduled for the next few weeks at Romance Divas. As always, all events are free to registered members. And of course, registration is free too!

Agent Chat: Vivian Beck, Vivian Beck Agency, March 27th at 9pm
Editor Q&A: Dave King, editor and author - Self-Editing For Fiction Writers, April 3rd to April 9th (in forum)
Agent Chat: Jenny Bent, Trident Media, April 6th at 7pm

Don't you think it's time you became a Diva?

3 Responses to "Coming Soon..."

Adrienne Kama Says :
10:44 AM

Sounds good. Now that I've met a few of my deadlines, I'm looking to take part on the forum more.

Oh! And I'm locked out of the erotica pages. Let me in! Let me in! LOL

jax Says :
10:08 AM

I did let you in sweetie :)

I'll like the man behind the curtain. LOL

Silma Says :
6:55 PM

Divas rock! There's no other place on the web where we can get these excellent workshops and chats and for the best price - FREE.

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