LA Blues

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It's been cold. I'm talking bone chilling cold. The kind of cold that still requires wearing two shirts underneath a turtleneck with a long coat. If I had my gloves, I would have put them on as well because my hands look as scaley as the gator in Kristen's neighborhood.

On the home front....I've got this space heater that I sit in front of, wrapped in my thermal blanket while I watch television. Jeez, I can't believe I've watched more shows in a week than I have in years. Soon I notice a pattern of neglect. I've hardly touched the computer except to get that entry in last week to Phaze. Granted I've been sick, so I can happily blame that... LOL

Bad habits...Oh, and I've been raiding the fridge and consuming for the sake of consuming. Apparently, I've become a lazy, comotosed pig. Thank goodness hubby is away until Wednesday of next week. Now I have time to be grungy and still be able to clean up before making it to the airport.

Guilt...Okay, I better shape up. Instead of watching American Idol tonight, I think I'll work on websites. I need to get book reviews up and a few other loose ends. Gosh, I dread the work. Which reminds me that I have a desk full of work to clear off. Where's the trash can? I'll just dump it in there. Hummmm... I wonder if my boss would be upset. :P I bet they're re-thinking the promotion they gave me. All I can say is GIVE ME A FREAKIN' RAISE WITH IT! More work, less pay. Wow, I love the fringe benefits. NOT -- Corporate. Need I say more?

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Kristen Painter Says :
10:26 AM

Just think about how good it will feel when all that work is done?

Take care of yourself. It's okay to be piggie and comatose every once in awhile!

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