Not much longer...

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Have you been to Romance Divas?

Have you checked out the Spotlight On this month with Sha-sha Crichton of Crichton & Associates Literary Agency?

I'll be changing out the info April 1st and will showcase my interview with DEIDRE KNIGHT of the Knight Agency

I've got lots of great folks lined up for the rest of the go check it out... sign up for our Forum too!

4 Responses to "Not much longer..."

Silma Says :
7:00 PM

Oh don't know how you get all these people to talk to the divas! Did you bribe them with chocolate or something? Just kidding! *lol* Anyway, I'm totally excited about some of the people coming to talk to us. You guys are doing an excellent job! Keep it up!

jax Says :
8:55 PM

Thanks Silma.. we try to please. I can say May will have a special surprise... :)

Kit Wylde Says :
1:30 AM

I am a RD addict. When I should be writing, I am there reading and responding to comments.

Please help me! :D


jax Says :
10:24 AM

Kit, I'm gonna have to put you in our 12-step program.. but RD addiction isn't an easy one to kick. Thanks for being sucked in!

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