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It took me one whole day to realize that working at Paramount was so WRONG! Nothing against the studio...let me I worked, it suddenly dawned on me that entertainment just isn't for me. Well, not that kind of job, anyway. I guess there are people who thrive on taking those low-paying, grunt-work, slave-to-their-bosses kind of jobs and kiss ass to move up the corporate ladder--but for me, I just don't do that. Granted the glam of the industry and being on the lot was supercool, but the reality was that it was so ten years ago for me. I'm much older (and wiser) now and the only type of entertainment I enjoy is watching from my sofa with a can of Mountain Dew in my hand and the remote control in the other. Life has changed me, being published in book form is my goal and I don't have time to mess with "superstar execs"...sorry. Yes, you got it. I quit before I got too far in the thick of things and then it would be unprofessional for them to scurry to find a replacement. I was diplomatic about it and I can say I feel damn good. Yep, there's nothing like knowing your worth, respecting yourself, and being confident enough to walk away from what could potentially be a great big headache. I am not normally a quitter, but how I see it, my hubby is in the industry and when I do walk the red carpet it will be as his date to pick up the Oscar. LOL

Sorry folks, can't disclose any information about my work there as I signed a confidentiality agreement and would be liable... I know, I'm such the tease!

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Crystal Jordan Says :
11:55 PM

Way to go, Jax. That's totally brave!

Shawn Says :
11:56 PM

You go Jax! I totally understand what you mean.

I feel sorry for those who feel they have to sacrifice their self respect to "get" some place in life.

JENNA Says :
1:03 AM

This will make the best author profile for your debut novel interviews. I gave up everything to focus on my writing...except you are still a website owner, graphic designer, website designer...& a dozen other things I can't keep track of.

Silma Says :
3:38 PM

Sorry to hear things didn't work out, Jax. {{{hugs}}}

JENNA Says :
5:48 PM

Just stopping in to say I love you. I'm so glad that I have my Divas right now.

Sela Carsen Says :
7:06 PM

Good for you, Jax! I'm proud of you for knowing when it was time to say no. The right thing is just around the corner, you know. It really is.

jax Says :
11:48 PM

Thanks for your support! I guess when you get to be my age, you start to set your priorities and being a lackey wasn't in the picture. In my universe, I crack the whip and I say "when"... LOL

You gals are the best!

Adrienne Kama Says :
10:57 AM

Kudos to you, Jax! A lot of people wouldn't have had the courage to walk away.

Tyler B Says :
1:50 AM

Congratulations on having the courage to leave a potentially bad situation behind. Not everyone can do that.

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