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Eva Gale has a great novella out at Phaze and I want to spread the word...

She's a bit on the shy side about this since it's her first published work, so let's support her and purchase the novella. It's only $2.00! You can buy a cheeseburger for that price. So, watch those hips and purchase something you can re-read forever.

Speaking of releases: Cassidy Kent's SUNSET KEY comes out this month...I'm think in a matter of days. Check with Phaze and look under SURGE! I expect you guys to go get this when it's out so you can tell me how much you loooooove it...LOL


3 Responses to "Support a Diva"

Eva Gale Says :
7:29 PM

It's shameless. Just shameless. Your blantant fandom will get you nowhere.

:::paypal, right?:::

Silma Says :
9:13 PM

Yep. The best promo ever...word of mouth! *lol* And I heard Ms. Gale is quite a writer. ;)

Diana Castilleja Says :
6:31 PM

Eva, I was lucky enough to get to review this great, well-done, little romp, and I applaud your efforts. I'm terrible at shorts, I've managed one - yes one - in the time I've been writing.

I wish a real long and prosperous future for you.

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