I'm still kickin' around

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I'm alive! Just getting along with life. With this new job I've been swamped with a major event coordinating for Vegas. Lucky for me, I'm not going. Serious. I need to finish my edits on GHOSTHUNTER and work on the Samba submission.

Can you say distractions? I've been forced to turn in artwork for an artshow that was so disorganized that I thought I'd never do art again! Needless to say, I'm not committing to anything like this in a long time!

Then, there's this carnival that was set up in the park last weekend where I stuffed my face with hotdogs and dacquiris..I forced Amanda to ride the ferris wheel with me and she confessed about her fear of heights. Great going! Of course, she did it so eloquently when we were stuck at the very top and she was worried I'd rattle the seat. :)

Now there's a street arts festival set up on a major street and will be going through the weekend. How am I suppose to get any writing done! I will be writing, so maybe I'll visit the festival when I get a moment.

Oh yea, it's my friend's birthday Saturday..so I have to go to that, too!!!! Yikes, will it ever calm down?

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Lynn Daniels Says :
4:39 PM

Hey, Jax! Sounds like you're one busy lady.

Now that I finally have a computer and internet access, I'll be heading back over to the Divas. I've missed you!

Sela Carsen Says :
9:58 AM

Been wondering where you were! Glad you're still blogging. Sorry about the disorganized art show. How's the new job?

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