Four day weekends

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Man, I love these holidays. Even better that the 4th is on a Tuesday because our company gave us the additional Monday off.. Yippee. My weekend is so planned..

Friday - Birthday Party in Santa Monica
Saturday - Breakfast w/ friends, SUPERMAN, web work
Sunday - Cleaning day, all day
Monday - Hanging out with Lisa, girl's day, Devil Wears Prada
Tuesday - Recovering from alcohol binge day & web work (bashing myself on the head from being maxxed out and decided I am definitely going to retire from web work!)

Sounds like such a wonderful time being busy.... Anyone with plans? I hope to barbeque or something. Beach would be good, so maybe I'll get to squeeze it in.

Have a wonderful and safe Fourth of July everyone!

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Amanda Brice Says :
4:14 PM

Sounds like you had a fun weekend! I'm at Hilton Head Island and the weather couldn't be better!

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