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I had worked for a company several months ago in which I was facing a very difficult time when my father was gravely ill. After a series of unfortunate events, I returned to work and faced the Demon Boss who made me feel lower than tub scum... well, today I found out that Karma has a way with coming back to those who aren't so nice. The company finally gave her the boot and her lover, my other boss, resigned. Can I just say, Hallelujah! Hummmm....I think that this has made me feel the sense of spirituality come creeping back. Things are getting better, I'm at a great new company in which I'm a personal assistant to a real estate mogul and he runs me ragged. Sure I work long hours and pop antacids like it's candy, but it's a good change for me. If I thought I didn't have enough stress in my life I should have listened to my mother and became a doctor. Watching Grey's Anatomy reinforced the lost dream.... now, if there really were studs like McDreamy or McSteamy...I'd sign up for med school in a heartbeat.

However, I can just write about them...

Aren't you going to welcome me back?

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Amanda Jean Kelly Says :
1:01 AM

Mmm, McSteamy...

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