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Music plays a lot in my writing. Whenever I start a project I compile a list of songs and burn my CD. The soundtrack to the story that's in my head. A lot can happen to a writer when you can visualize the story through sound. The mood of the music affects the scene and carries you through the story. I tend to go for more romantic and sensual music like Michael Buble, Madeleine Peyroux, Joshua Radin, Snow Patrol, etc. It's amazing how a little music can create the setting, influence the characters actions, and get them in the "mood" for romance.

I've been a bit burned out on erotica. As a reader and a writer of the genre, the one thing I love is a good love story which I haven't seen much in the way of erotica. It's sad because I picture "romance" as such...two people meeting, coming together, torn apart, and brought back together. These days, even my favourite of authors have disappointed. When you leave the love aspect out and trade it in for all sex, it makes you crave the traditional romances...crave those writers you've read in college and through the first few years of your career. How long before readers say enough is enough and lose interest? When I write, it's about the story and falling in love. The whole world of new love is appealing to me. The awkward moments, the sensual attraction, the desire to finally make's all a part of romance. I am not going to go with the trend, I am going to stick to making a beautiful love story even though others may think it's too predictable or too vanilla. Why do we watch romantic comedies? Why do we root for our h/h in shows like Grey's Anatomy? Why do we hold our breath and allow ourselves to be tortured by the next episodee or the next chapter? It's because we want the story and the rest will follow.

Maybe I'm completely wrong, but how I see it...romance books embodies the excitement, anticipation, and beauty of a relationship even if it may seem like a fairytale. Isn't fantasy and escapism from reality what readers really want? Why aren't we giving it to them, and why aren't we writing it?

Like all love stories, I want to be swept away for as long as the story lasts.....

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Sela Carsen Says :
9:16 AM

Amen, sister. Preach it! I sometimes find myself feeling cheated out of a complete story when the couple I've been rooting for through the last three hundred pages decide instead that they'll just be "friends with benefits." Just sex is hollow. I like makin' luuuuuuv!

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan Says :
11:33 AM

Amen, Jax! I feel the same way. The sex doesn't mean anything if I can't believe the characters are really in love and the build up of the relationship is a lot more important. I love sexy stories, writing and reading them, but there's got to be more romance than sex or I lose interest and find myself rolling my eyes and skipping pages.

Eva Gale Says :
11:33 AM


Which is why I don't read alot of erotica. Sad because I love writing it, but I like lots and lots of tension. Which means pages and pages of writing that skirts around the sex issue.

Wendy Wootton Says :
3:24 PM

Well said, Jax!

I'm a writer of erotica, but I'm moving more and more towards romantic erotica nowadays. I want my characters to fall in love, be in love, and at the end of the book, be at the beginning of a happily ever after.

Although I didn't always write that way, because at one time it wasn't encouraged by my publisher, the whole point of the sex I write now is that it's an expression of the gathering love between the hero and heroine.

jax Says :
12:07 AM

I'm glad you gals understand what I'm talking about.. It's been on my mind for a long time and I just miss ROMANCE! :) I miss the sweet sweet romance that leads to lovemaking.

Maggie Jaimeson Says :
1:35 AM

I hear you, Jax. This is why I don't read much erotica. I've tried it a few times, but I rarely find a story. I don't know why NY is so hot on it. I think they are cashing in on a phase. But I predict it will run its course in the next two years and it will be over. I think books will still have sex, and may be hotter than before in genearl, but we will finally start getting stories again.

J.F. Cossey Says :
2:10 PM

I couldn't agree more. If there is no storyline to have the reader invested, ie/ the escapism of romance that you mentioned, what's the point? If we just wanted sex, we could buy Hustler and read the letters. Gets old.

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