I've scored the biggest interview EVER!

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What's your plans for Christmas? What's your New Year's Resolution?

I plan on going to Diva Lisa's house and stuff my face with ham,cranberry sauce, lots of fixin's, pumpkin pie, and plenty of Champagne! I'm going to sit in the jacuzzi and I'm going to be so fat you can stick a fork in me! Then, I'm going home and opening the presents underneath my good fortune bamboo plant (I don't have a Christmas tree this year) and then I'm going to SLEEP!!!!! Deadlines await.

New Year's resolution? Hummmm...tough one. I want to sleep more, pick up my yoga class, have a better positive mental attitude, try not to kill my boss, and reap the rewards of print publishing!!!! I figured as long as I don't make resolutions that I know I'll break within the first 24 hours, I'm good. Yes, still the coffee addict, but hey, no one's perfect.

HAVE A HEALTHY, HAPPY, PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR and "pass it on"... the one act of kindness will garner priceless rewards!

Love you!

3 Responses to "I've scored the biggest interview EVER!"

Maggie Jaimeson Says :
4:44 PM

Boy, are you an amazing reporter or what? You must have used a little of Santa's magic to get you to the north pole and back so quickly too. Nice job. Happy Holidays, Jax.

jax Says :
5:03 PM

Thanks Maggie. Y'know, Santa has a way with getting me on the magic train so it was quite a smooth trip to the North Pole and back, just in time for Christmas!

rogers Says :
8:01 AM

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