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I have stories that haunt me. Stories that push me to tell the tale yet I have been struggling to sweep it under the rug until I'm ready. Maybe it's time for me to just give in and do it. This year I plan on making many changes and I'm thankful that I'm at a midpoint in my life for better things to come. I'm extremely grateful that I have my friends around me for the much needed support from last years hardships. I can't complain as this year I'll have three books in print and possiblly many more publications for my very own stories. It's an exciting time and I feel the surge of a new awakening. Already, we're two days into 2007 and I'm already pysched about where my journey will take me...

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Eva Gale Says :
3:47 PM

I was going through my notebook today and thinking the same thing. Sooo many stories! Will I ever have the time?

You! It's going to be a good year for you.

Love ya Chica.

Merlin Says :
5:01 AM

It sounds like we're all on the same wavelength.

Since the middle of December I've been busy ditching all the "junk" in my life. Sadly this has involved ditching a few so called "friends" as well ; people who were wasting my time and energy on a constant basis.

Certainly all the hangers-on and ex-girlfriends have been sent packing.

2007 - bring it on. I'm ready this time.


Kristen Painter Says :
8:35 AM

I hear you on the stories longing to be told!

Happy New Year! I'm proud to call you friend.

jax Says :
5:02 PM

Thanks for the responses. I am off sick today and will be kicking back and clearing my head. This is the "me" year..even though it hasn't started that way but I'm finally starting to come around.

Hope your stories will be told....

Merlin Says :
8:19 AM

"This is the "me" year". I like that and I'm going to join you.

About time I put my interests first for a change.


Michelle Says :
10:09 PM

I have lots of stories swirling around too. My goal is to get them all on paper so they stop hounding me and finish each and every one. Realistic, probably not but it's a goal! LOL

When you say your very own stories do you mean as Jax (rather than CK)? I was wondering how you write as part of team. I keep meaning to ask that on RD. Maybe I should.

Happy New Year to you Jax! :-)

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