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I had lunch with a dear friend of mine the other day at a quaint little restaurant on Sunset. The most brilliant Argentinian food. For starters we had mouth-watering mussels cooked with tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, and wine sauce. Honest to goodness it was incredible from the very first bite! I could have licked the plate clean! Then I had a piece of succulent steak smothered in chimichurri sauce(cooked medium rare, thank you very much) that could easily feed a dozen people and nearly did me in. Not to mention the Malbec wine which is made from special hand picked grapes in Argentina. If you let it sit out, the smokiness of the wine disappears and it becomes a rich, smooth flavour. Red wine to die for even if you're not a wine connoisseur. Further into the meal when I grew quite tipsy, I noticed another patron in the restaurant with his body, guest. It was none other than Olivier Martinez who will be starring in Blood & Chocolate. Lousy name for a movie but Olivier is not hard to look at. Even in my inebriated state. :)

Did I mention last month I ran into a few cast members of Criminal Minds? Yep, and Shemar Moore touched my ass. Long story, but he's sure yummy in person!

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Merlin Says :
4:29 AM

I love the sound of the steak. The rest would be lost on me as I don't touch alcohol.

Is this the Olivier Martinez who's just split up with Kylie ?

Silly man but I guess it's the opportunity I've been waiting for !


JENNA Says :
4:25 PM

Olivier stars in the next romance I want to write :) Was he yummier than the lunch?

jax Says :
9:27 PM

He was so yummy that I think I was drooling. LOL Maybe that was after the alcohol consumption.

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