Two hours sleep

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I still can't get rid of my blasted cough from the longest flu in history, but on a good note I have discovered I've inherited insomnia from my addiction to Tylenol Cold. Oh, how I love that thing! Anyways, I was doing web maintenance and junk until 3:00AM and am living on almost 2 1/2 hours of sleep. I've got a 13 hour shift at work the rest of this week and a few deadlines. Life is great! Maybe I've kicked the flu but now I'll be checking into the celebrity rehab facility for craving over-the-counter cold meds. :)

On another note, I had to file my quarterly business taxes and the deliquent due date is February 28th...guess what, I just put it in the mail today!!!! I am so behind. My home office looks like a disaster area...and let's not get into my livingroom. Screenwriter told me if I don't start cleaning he'll shred everything. I think it's just an excuse since he went out and bought and industrial shredder over the weekend and I still can't get the buzzing noises out of my head. He said he was able to get rid of 3 years worth of statements in an hour...I hate to think how shred happy I'll get once I dig into my piles of papers!

Am I rambling? Of course. You would too if you had a triple expresso after an all nighter....gotta work now.

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Shelli Stevens Says :
1:02 AM

I had that same cold thing, sucky. And funny, I just mentioned espresso on Kristen's blog. Congrats on getting the taxes off!

jax Says :
10:38 AM

Thanks Shelli! I thought I would hibernate forever, unfortunately life calls. I hope the tax people don't reject my I need to do my personal taxes. Sigh.

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