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7 Classic signs

1. People expect you to go out of your way to do things for them without returning the favor
2. People assume you're available to hear them rant without giving you an opportunity to rant yourself. When you do need to vent they point out that you are selfish and don't allow them a word in edgewise
3. Your name is submitted as a volunteer without being asked if it's okay
4. You get regular calls to pick up your "friends" when they're stranded and need a ride home
5. You work on professional projects for "friends" and they assume you don't need to be compensated and they don't offer to pay
6. You have an outing with "friends" and you're stuck with the bill or a majority of the portion because they can't calculate well
7. You are the designated driver every outing because you have a gas efficient car

The reality...I recently noticed a pattern. People take advantage of me because I have a problem saying "no". I'm a giver and I give until I don't have time for myself and often it becomes apparent to me that people don't value me. Sure they're nice and say "thank you" but they just don't stop asking, demanding,'s the reason why I have backed away from a lot of things lately.

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Michelle Says :
1:33 PM

I can relate to this Jax. I was trying to make 2007 the year to say No. Already I've failed and I've taken on more than I should have. *sigh*

Good luck! Just say NO!

jax Says :
1:47 PM

Amen, sista.

Sela Carsen Says :
12:11 PM

Stop saying "Yes!"

But as long as you're out, could you...


Kate Willoughby Says :
11:34 AM

Jax, you ARE a giver. I am one, too, but I have, over the years, trained myself to be selfish with my time. I have developed the ability to say no. I don't go to PTA meetings anymore. (They're generally pointless.) I only volunteer to do the things I really want to do.

Your time is valuable. Only give it to worthy causes. And speaking of friends who expect pro-services for free, I AM up to date on my payment, aren't I??? (Seriously!)

Kate Willoughby Says :
11:35 AM

Oh, and I had no idea you had this blog. I had your Cassidy Kent one on my Favorites list and that didn't get updated very often. I'm so glad I found this one!

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