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So, one of my favorite Monday night shows.."The Class"..may not return for another season :( "AI" is starting to bore me and I can never remember when "House" is on. Mind you, I don't watch tv all that much, honest! I have enough problems prying my butt from my seat in my office to eat dinner with my hubby...However, lately, I've been hit with the tired bug. Ever since my disastrous flu incident I can't seem to predict when would be the appropriate sleep time. Somedays I'm up until 3 AM and others I am wiped out by 7:30! Sure I get up between 5:30 & 6:00 AM to start my work regimen, but I'm an early bird so it shouldn't affect my pattern. I use to stop off at Starbucks EVERY morning and $4 a day really adds up. About two weeks ago I picked up these 3 in 1 coffee packs and haven't had a need to stop off anymore and it saves me a bundle! I now go to Starbucks as a treat to myself. I'm sure I'll probably get cancer from drinking instant coffee that is as strong as three espresso shots, but right now it is YUMMY and it keeps me from detouring 15-20 minutes of my morning before my hour commute to Brentwood. What do I have going on tonight? Deadlines that I never finished and will get shit for from my publisher and writing partner. It's hard enough trying to stay awake...it's even harder to be motivated when all you want to do is hit the $350 million lottery in CA.. Coincidentally, I won $.22 in my office pool! Wow! I only lost $1.78 minus 4 additional dollars that I bought on my own because I thought I'd outsmart my office if I won... sigh, I'm not going anywhere because we found out some folks in New Jersey and some ho-dunk city won :( So much for native Californian's having any luck!

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Eva Gale Says :
7:38 PM

Hey-I haven't checked my numbers yet.

And you know I'd share.

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