Profound and Intelligent

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I wish I had something to talk about besides my dull life, but you're all going to have to endure my endless rants and incredibly unenlightening posts.

Okay, I'm no witty Hulles or homeschool intellectual Eva, or fashionable as Kristen and Eden...but I can hold my own when it comes to cooking and eating! You know how hard it is to think of something clever to post? I think that all my brain cells have been eaten up by work. I find myself staring off into the great void of my computer screen and soon my mind trails off and I'm just babbling now.

Who's psyched? I sure am totally thrilled that Brangelina are adopting a baby from Vietnam, my home turf! There's this tingling sensation that takes shape and I can't help but feel proud that they'd want an orphan from my neck of the woods. More rambling...sorry.

I was tickled to death to discover My Dear Gerry's 300 made $70 Million over the weekend...but I'm told that he won't be my Gerry anymore now that he's gotten so much exposure! I can't help knees turn to jello when I see his half-naked torso onscreen. I wonder if it's considered stalking if I make it a mission to track him down and tell him I'll volunteer to bear his children?LOL

Back to reality....another day, another dollar. Thank God for payday Wednesday!!!!

4 Responses to "Profound and Intelligent"

Eva Gale Says :
9:28 AM

I am SO not intellectual. When I'm alone I paint my face two different colors and play with crayons.


I want to lean to cook authentic Vietnamese food. Work it teacher...

Hulles Says :
3:08 PM

I am SO not witty.

Well, okay, I lied, I am witty. But not today. Brain death, brain dearth. But hugs to you. And about the child bearing...

Never mind. XOXO.

Sela Carsen Says :
8:45 AM

Hmph. I'm not even on the list. But also not intellectual or witty or fashionable. Alas.

But I did blog about the cost of sugar these days. ;)

jax Says :
11:30 AM

You are a breath of fresh air Sela! Don't you forget it. I love your retro classic fashion sense! Besides, I get no love from calls, emails, yada yada..LOL

Hulles, I aspire to be as witty as you even on a good day!

Eva, you know I'll be your in cooking slavery when I come visit, especially trying to feed 9 people in your household!

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