New Obsession...or profession?

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I am all fired up. Today I'm doing a major photo shoot at my home. I've been slowly building my portfolio for the launch of my new services in addition to graphics & web design. I've always had a love of photography and over the last few years I've wanted to make the hobby more accessible for folks who can't afford paying top $$$ for headshots, etc. After much thought, I bought a professional camera and gear. I'm saving up for the lighting equipment, etc. so I can start doing portraits. Of course, it's going to take me a while to pay off the stuff I just bought, but at least I'm having a blast starting up. In the next few weeks I hope to have my website going.

Well, let's see how many people I'm going to cram into my little one bedroom loft. It's going to be quite an adventure today. Not only am I going to be a stylist and make up artist, I'll be the photographer too. Lucky for me, I have a sidekick. Lisa is going to be the official stylist and will be doing most of the makeup work as well. We make a great team! I'm dying to see what comes out of all this!

Now, gotta finish with writing and then get ready to go to my chapter meeting. Yawn.. I'm extremely tired.

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3:15 AM

Hi Jax,

Sincere apologies. I hadn't realised that you'd like a poem.

Would you like something in haiku style or something more traditional?

Perhaps a post and a picture of somewhere nice as well ?

Give me a few days and I'll see what I can do.



Kristen Painter Says :
7:37 AM

You're a crazy girl, which is why I love you. You're going to do awesome with the photos!

Kate Willoughby Says :
2:39 PM

How'd the shoot go? I want to apply for the position of body oil applier.

Hulles Says :
3:59 PM

To quote something someone you know quite well said recently somewhere else,

"Reading your list of stuff just exhausted me. I need a martini and a cigarette...LOL"

Amen to that. Your life has about three times as much stuff in it as mine!

jax Says :
6:24 PM

Merlin...I would love it to be a surprise as I love a man who can make choices.... :)

K...if you could imagine what I can do with pics of you, I'd be your personal photog!

Kate...I'm doing hot oil applications next weekend. Sorry, but the position is taken by..MOI!

Hulles...I'm just warming up. LOL

9:36 AM

That's funny ; I'm just getting warmed up too.

Hulles - you need to warm up dude!


8:43 AM


A little haiku style verse on my blog.

Short but sweet (like you no doubt!)


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